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dissolute life, but a citizen’s daughter, a closely-guarded maiden, Myrmex in imagination already felt himself stretched on the rack, whipped with brushes and scourges, tortured with thumb-screws, laden

with tile-stones on his stomach, and half-choked by vinegar in both nostrils. So he repeated in a still louder tone. “Master, master, what have you taken into your head?” Hipyllos picked up a pebb


le, but just as he was flinging it against the wall, as though in obedience to a pre

concerted signal, he saw two shadows on the red curtain in


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ago and, at the first puff of the da

side of the loop-hole. “Aiboi! a piece of ill-luck!” he muttered, dropping the pebble

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mp air, he took his torch into his

, “she isn’t alone.” Then kissing his hand to the bright ray of light, he passed on

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left hand and rubbed his side w

half reluctantly, farther in the direction of the Cerameicus, the northwestern part of the

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ith the right—an act in which h

city. 99 Myrmex did not think much; but when an idea once entered his brain he did not


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ow asked for the t

hird time: “Master, ma

ster, what hav

e you taken into your

head?” T

is clothing, which c


his time Hipyllos

heard him. He cast a glanc

e at his compa

nion and, seeing his t

roubled face

onsisted of a dark exo


, understood the c

onnection of ideas and bur

st into a loud

laugh. “Poor Myrm

ex,” he sai

mis, the usual garment


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lled to have a slave tortu, consectetuer adipiscing elit sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing.

d, pinching the old man’s cheeks, “a

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re you afraid of the thumb-screws?

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Pooh! You’ll escape! This is no matter

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of life and death, and a citizen can be compe

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red only in an affair of life

and death.... Have you h

eard,” he conti

nued, mischievously, “the sto

ry of Killikon from Mile

ead?” Hipyllos did not hear. B
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